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The Lamb Inn

The History of The Lamb Inn

The Lamb Inn was converted from a farmhouse and the oldest parts of the Inn are over 300 years old. The Lamb Inn was once tied to Hunt Edmunds Banbury Brewery but it is now free of tie. It had an annual rateable value of £14.10s.0d in 1891 and £20.0s.0d in 1903 when it closed at 10 pm.

1891 Alfred Sherbourne. Beerhouse. Hunt Edmonds, Banbury.

1903 George Miller. Beerhouse. Hunt Edmunds, Banbury.

Since 1903, The Lamb Inn has only had four owners including the present Landlord and Landlady.

Wellington Bomber
At the Lamb Inn, we have memorabilia from a Wellington Bomber that crashed in the garden in 1943.

The only member of the crew to survive the crash was Mr John Smith. Below is an excerpt from a letter john recently sent to The Lamb Inn.

“I spent many happy times in England whilst flying in the RAF – and as you know, one that was not so happy – when we crashed into the back garden of The Lamb Inn!

It was 1am in the morning – a black night. The Lamb Inn was full of people, most in bed asleep. They were extremely lucky – another 10 or 15 feet over and The Lamb Inn would have been demolished – many people would have been killed.

As it was, the aircrafts starboard (right) wing knocked out the left rear corner of the building. I got thrown out of the tall-turret and landed severely on my back with a number of injuries, a few feet away from the burning craft.”

Memorabilia is on display at The Lamb Inn in the bar area.

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